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The Light

€200 per month

This one is for you, you are the flexible type. You are an independent animal, joying to move around, hopping to different places. But you also like to have lunch together and you do miss some funny colleagues now and then. You definitely wouldn't settle for 5 days in a row, that would be too much of an office feel, but a desk for 2 à 3 days a week is pretty welcome!



The House 

€350 per month

Are you the unstoppable? Mad about your job, can't do anything else than work 24/7? We’re sorry, we have to disappoint you, we do believe in a healthy work/life balance. But hey, we can offer you a flex spot for 5 days a week? We know, a small gesture, but better than nothing, right?



The Floating Light

€175,- per month

Is this you? Someone a bit more sensitive for spaces and people. A slow embracer, a bit in doubt if a flex spot is really your thing? Don’t worry we love all the animals, just give it a try. Specially for you, we made you a welcome gift. The first 3 months for a reduced price. And yes, we also believe this is a marketing trick ;)


Note: we offer these memberships for individuals and small teams (max 4 people), whatever your membership, you always pay 3 months in advance. The first 3 months are mandatory.

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