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Schermafbeelding 2023-10-24 om 17.06.51.png

Arnon Grunberg & Robert Seth Paul

October 27th, 6.30 pm De Kring

Our member Joan Veldkamp interviews Arnon Grunberg about his latest book 'The refugee, the border guard and the rich Jew'. It is a collection of compelling reports about refugees in Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, and the Netherlands. Grunberg also vividly describes his stay in the Ter Apel registration center, which resembles a small town.  



November 8, Technology & Care Academy (TZA), Kulturhus Borne

How can you tackle problems in 5 steps and initiate real, lasting change? Our member and Social designer Tabo Goudswaard will explain it on November 8 using appealing examples. Register for his inspiring keynote 'It has to be different, but how'. 



October 5th, 8 pm Torpedotheater

Secret agents have a second sense for what else people do, 'the burden of knowing’. There are quite a few of them at Dutch universities. Why are those spies there and what is their importance? Will universities start banning people in advance? Event with Sandra Rottenberg en Saar Slegers.

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