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Yep, the rumor is true, we are the best kept co-working secret of Amsterdam.


Why? Well, of course we have the wooden floors, the black steel window frames, the old rough constructions, and lots of plants.


But we also have, a big nice open space, or actually two, to make you even more jealous. One made for rumbustious teamwork, and one for the concentration seekers. We have small phone boots, cubical meeting rooms, and a little kitchen.  Our coffee is fair, our cleaning lady is nice, and our toilet room feels like a spa.


Yes, it's quite okay ;)


Really? You have read the whole site, and you would still like to know our perks?  


Well, we are the inhabitants of the Marineterein, a stepping stone away from Central Station, surrounded by trees and water.


So train your cold feet with fresh outdoor swimming. Kick ass with some weekly open-air kickboxing. Visit the green market, the sauna, or a climate comedy show. Stretch your legs with a little walk through the neighborhood, or treat yourself to some damn good meal by our neighbors Scheepskameel &  Apollonia.


Is that all? No, we’ve still got the most lousiest chairs in Amsterdam, but as well the best co-colleagues in town!



We offer  you flexible co-work spots. Whether you’re a freelancer, or your expanding your team. From single co-work spots to small company places (max of 4 people),  from 2 days a week up to 5 days, whatever suits you, we’ve got you covered. And we made it simple. Just two types of memberships the Light & the House, from €200 per month.

please note: currently, we have no spots available, but we do have a waiting list

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